My name is Antoaneta Paskova-Todorova and I am the owner of Paskova Borzois. Me, my husband Yasen Todorov, our daughter Svetlana and our dogs, we live in the resort town of Balchik, eastern Bulgaria.

I am breeding and showing borzois almost 20 years despite I was involved with this breed many years earlier.
My borzois are my great passion, always have been. They are extremely sociable and just like kids love to play freely throughout the house and the yard. We love each other and spend most of our time together running and playing in the fields.
I breed my dogs very selectively striving for healthy and quality offspring.
There are few people I would like to thank for allowing me to have my beautiful and beloved dogs. My sincerest gratitude goes to Dr. Agnes Koppany of Dober-Kopp kennel and Evelyn & Frank Kirsch of Ischyma Borzois the breeders of my foundation dogs. I cannot thank you enought for made my dream come true.
I hope you will enjoy your time at Paskova borzois website. Please contact us for any questions you may have.
Looking forward to see you again,
Antoaneta Paskova

Special thanks to Radostin Kolev from Rado Cattery for this great site design.

My husband Yasen with Lira and Ego


my horses - Fukla and her son Caffeine



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